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Most frequent questions and answers

Uldor is an MMORPG set in a fantasy world where players can explore the vast metaverse, go on epic quests to slay monsters, and participate in large-scale PvP battles.

Uldor is expected to hit pre-alpha in late 2022 with the initial engine and mechanics tested to allow for further development and offer a closed beta to our early community in early 2023.

NFTs are tokens that represent ownership of unique assets. They let us tokenize things like art, collectibles, and even real estate. They allow players to truly own game assets like skins and therefore sell or trade them with other players.

Community first is the motto of Max Level. Therefore, all our games will require no investment or NFTs to start playing, just create a Middleverse Account and download any game you wish to try and start having fun!

$RUNI is the native token and in-game currency of Uldor, which can be earned in different ways in game like questing and winning tournaments, and will dictate the entire player-driven economy of Uldor.

Guardians and Furies are special hero-class characters. Hero-class characters can join a faction and PvP from day one. They won’t need to level up, so no grinding, and they will have access to unique adventures during their play experience.

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