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Welcome to Middleverse

Middleverse is an evergrowing ecosystem of games and immersive experiences with player-centric economies and true asset ownership for gamers forged by Middleverse Studios.

Free to Play

Middleverse’s core value is community-first development, so our main titles will require no investment or Web 3 skills to play, just create a Middleverse Account and start having fun!


Forget worrying about the environment while playing and trading! All assets traded within the Middleverse Ecosystem will be 100% carbon neutral.

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Explore an Immersive World

The world of Uldor is vast and full of adventures or "quests" for players to explore. Players can embark on quests to explore vast landscapes and experience the lore of the world.

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Slay Challenging Monsters

Players will also encounter epic beasts and bosses to defeat. The people of Uldor are plagued by monsters, beasts, and bandits who prey upon the defenseless.

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Collect Rare Assets

Many game items will be player crafted, while others will be dropped as loot from boss fights.

Thanks to our web3 transparent economy, players can trace the full history of items, seeing who owned them and the price they have traded for.

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The Future of Middleverse

New Dawn

New Dawn is a MOBA RPG game with an MMO twist where players can climb competitive ladders while being able to form clands to invade the territories to become rulers within the world of Orbis Tertius.


Terrarum is a land management companion game for PC and Mobile where establishment owners will be able to produce different resources and become the greatest Lord of Middleverse.


Eternals is a Massive Online RPG game with a ruthless PVP competitive ladder and a wide variety of PVE modalities that enables players to collect rare assets and fill their name with glory and respect.

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