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Limited Time Genesis Sale

Below are our Genesis Sale NFT collections. Guardians and Furies are collectable art NFTs presented on a comic style cover, each with a unique character name. Guardians and Furies will also be playable hero-class characters in Uldor with unique experiences and loot opportunities. Scroll down for additional details about Guardian and Furie rewards.


Hero-class character


Hero-class character

Phase 1 Benefits

  • Special 1st Edition NFT
  • Resource Plots (free plot for owning both a 1st Edition Guardian and Furie)
  • Special Companion Pet
  • Increase RUNI Tokens Issued

Benefits for all Guardians and Furies

  • RUNI Token Issuance
  • Exclusive in-game experiences and drops
  • Whitelist access to future mints
  • Chance for soulbound pet
  • Exclusive Discord roles and channels
  • Free game item NFT drops
  • Exclusive discounts
  • Other future perks to be announced

For more details, see this post.

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