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Uldor's first featured tournament!

Be Among the First

Welcome, brave warriors, to the advent of an epic new era! Uldor, a realm steeped in mystique and peril, beckons you to partake in the inaugural tournament that promises untold excitement and the chance to leave an indelible mark on history. Gather your courage as we delve into the realm of Uldor, where the Dread King reigns supreme, and the arena becomes a battleground for survival and glory.

Unleash Your Skills

Prove yourself in Uldor’s Inaugural Tournament, where your skills will be pushed to the limit. Engage in heart-pounding combat against relentless undead foes, honing your abilities and showcasing your mastery of combat. As you delve deeper into this haunting world, anticipate future tournaments that will bring even more exciting challenges, accompanied by valuable prizes and special rewards for the victors.

A Voice in Shaping Uldor's Destiny

Beyond the thrill of competition, this tournament offers a unique opportunity to be heard and play an active role in shaping Uldor’s future. The development team eagerly awaits your feedback, seeking your valuable insights to fine-tune the game’s mechanics, balance, and overall experience. Your opinions will help steer Uldor towards new heights of excellence, ensuring a truly immersive and captivating journey for all who venture into its depths.

Looking Ahead

As Uldor’s Inaugural Tournament marks the dawn of an exciting new chapter, we eagerly anticipate the future evolution of this gripping experience. With potential sponsors and partners on the horizon, the realm of Uldor promises to expand its horizons, delivering ever more thrilling challenges, captivating lore, and breathtaking visuals. Join us now and immerse yourself in a world where your actions can shape destiny itself.

It Begins

The time has come to seize your sword, don your armor, and venture forth into Uldor’s Inaugural Tournament. Become a part of Uldor’s legacy, shape its future, and discover the true depths of your own valor. The realm awaits its heroes, and the Dread King thirsts for worthy adversaries. Will you answer the call and emerge victorious, or succumb to the shadows that lurk within? The choice is yours. Let the battle begin!

Tournament Details

Starts: July 12
Ends: July 31
Max Attempts: Unlimited


1st Place: Uldor Guardian NFT
Reach Wave 5: Awakening Badge

Everyone who finishes above wave 5 will receive a special Awakening Badge to celebrate our first tournament!

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