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A Blackwater Night

Featuring Castle of Blackwater

A Blackwater Night

In this special tournament, we are joined by the warriors of Castle of Blackwater to face off against the minions in the arena! Everyone is welcome in this tournament, so sharpen your blades, invite your friends, and get to it!

About Castle of Blackwater

Castle of Blackwater is a social deduction game that pays to betray!

15 strangers are trapped in a castle of danger and deception, with a mission to complete tasks and escape with their lives. Some will work together, forming bonds and strong alliances.

Others will pretend and deceive, with their own interests at heart. In the ever-lasting battle between good and evil, only one side will survive to claim the Castle’s victory. When lives are at stake and the truth has no meaning, who will you trust?

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Tournament Details

Starts: July 31
Ends: August 6
Max Attempts: Unlimited


1st Place: Uldor Guardian NFT

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