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Devourer of Souls

How far will you go?

The Dread King

The story of Uldor’s Dread Arena is one of true misery and desolation. The Dread King, a master manipulator,  commands the forces of the undead, relentlessly testing his minions against the greatest warriors Uldor has to offer. Within the foreboding arena, this malevolent monarch seeks to forge an unstoppable legion, using captive Guardians and Furies as sacrificial pawns in his quest for domination.

In the world of Uldor, Guardians and Furies stand as paragons of honor and valor. These specially trained warriors possess unparalleled combat skills and unwavering dedication to safeguarding the people of Uldor. However, the Dread King’s vile machinations have ensnared some of these noble protectors, subjecting them to a cycle of perpetual suffering for his benefit. Their forced participation in the arena has become a crucible of bloodshed, intended to sharpen the Dread King’s minions into merciless killers.

His most devious and powerful cultists personally supervise the training of the evil horde.

Perhaps the training is not all one-sided. The key to defeating the Dread King or his minions may lay within the depths of his arena.

Mayhem Mode

This tournament introduces Mayhem Mode! In this new mode, the Dread King throws out the playbook for sending enemies in progressive order to test players’ skills and instead sends his enemies out in full force from wave 1 to test your perseverance!

In Mayhem Mode, players start with increased health, stats, and elixirs, and all weapons begin unlocked. Enemies are sent out in a random order, without end. There are no waves so there are no additional upgrades after the game starts, so you can’t afford to make mistakes.

Tournament Details

Starts: September 1
Ends: September 30
Mode: Mayhem
Max Attempts: Unlimited


1st Place: $250
2nd Place: $150
3rd Place: $100

Prizes paid in ETH

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