Frequently Asked Questions

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Web3 is a new and innovative landscape that has the potential to transform gaming for the better. The core concepts of web3 are transparency, decentralization, and ownership. In web2 games, the supply, history, and ownership of game items can be very opaque. When shopping a game marketplace, players often don't know the total supply of an item, how many are created each day, what, if any is the maximum supply, how many players own the item, and what the price history has been. Thanks to blockchain, players can get much more transparency about game items and feel more confident when making game play and marketplace decisions.

Web3 also often means an enhanced level of ownership of game assets for players. Game items that are NFTs and currency that is a token can exist in a player's wallet, where they have more access than was possible in web2 gaming. Players may be able to sell, trade, or send game assets to other players p2p.

The full MMORPG is expected to be released in 2023. We have broken our development up into phases to enable us to deliver playable componets of the game before the full release. For example, our PvP Arena will be a playable game mode where players can compete in quick battles 1v1 up to 5v5. The Arena will also enable tournaments where players and teams can compete. The Arena Mode is expected to be released by Q4, but a beta may be released sooner.

Uldor will utilize layer 2 solutions to keep costs low to zero where possible. The game will be free-to-play. If you are using your own wallet, some small amount of currency may be required to cover transaction fees, but those fees should be minimal. Our goal is to provide a smooth onboarding experience for gamers and crypto-novices to be able to play Uldor without needing their own wallet and without having to purchase crypto.

RUNI is the currency of the world of Uldor. RUNI can be used to buy game items such as weapons and armors, repair gear, buy resoruces such as wood and metals, establish in game businesses such as shops and taverns, and contribute to factions to enhance NPC troops.

Guardian and Furie characters can be minted using the link in the Genesis Sale section, while supplies last. After the supply is fully minted, characters can be purchased on OpenSea, LooksRare, and other secondary markets.

To mint or purchase a Guardian or Furie, you will need enough ETH (Ethereum) to cover both the price and the gas fee associate with the transaction.

RUNI tokens have not yet been released, so stay tuned for additional information. RUNI tokens will largely be distributed to players for completing tasks in the game. Other tokens will be airdropped to Guardian minters, and used for team, promotional, and marketing purposes.

Our genesis sale NFTs will have in-game utility that can be used by their owners or staked to allow other players to utilize the utility.

Guardians and Furies will be playable characters with unique experiences and loot opportunities in the game. You may be able to stake your characters and allow players to use your character in exchange for a percentage of RUNI token rewards.

Resource Plots are land plots where players can harvest resources used in crafting game items. If you own a plot, you can harvest from your plot for free. You may be able to stake your plot and allow players to harvest from your plot for a fee of RUNI tokens.

Genesis Sale

Below are our limited edition Genesis Sale NFTs. Guardians and Furies are collectable art NFTs presented on a comic style cover, each with a unique character name. Guardians and Furies will also be playable characters in Uldor with unique experiences and loot opportunities. Resource Plots are land plots where game resourcese like herbs, ores, and wood can be harvested for crafting in-game items.