Embark on an epic journey in Uldor

In a realm where ancient empires clash and dark forces stir, players fight for valor, betrayal, and survival. Discover a world where every decision shapes the destiny of nations, and the line between legend and reality blurs in the shadows of war.

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About game

Uldor Shattered Glory

Uldor is a genre-blending dark fantasy MMORPG that combines challenging souls-like mechanics with the revolutionary potential of web3 gaming. Players embark on their adventure with intense competitive PvP battles, advance to strategic faction-based warfare, and ultimately explore a rich, open-world environment. Uldor offers a unique experience where every decision can lead to power or peril, enticing players to become legends by overcoming formidable challenges and securing epic and valuable rewards. Join Uldor, where every battle forges your legacy in a world where dark fantasy reigns.

Uldor Dread Arena

Uldor Dread Arena is our first playable game, available now on HyperPlay!

Players face off against waves of the Dread King’s undead minions. Compete in tournaments and collect items in this free-to-play game!

AI-Powered Character Creator

Meet Alara

Uldor has developed a first-of-its-kind AI-Powered Character Creator. Alara is not just an AI chatbot—she's your creative partner, trained on the hundreds of customization options available in our character creator. With her assistance, you can craft intricate and personalized characters faster and more easily than ever before.

This powerful tool does more than just aid players—it also enables us to populate Uldor with thematically consistent NPCs that are seamlessly integrated into the game’s lore. With just a few instructions, Alara can populate a town with incredible detail—creating a child NPC that has its mother's eyes, siblings that share similar bone structures, and characters from shared regions with subtle, yet recognizable, similarities.

Alara was created to revolutionize how immersive open world games are made.

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