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Introducing the $RUNI token

What is Uldor?

Uldor is a dark fantasy MMORPG that combines elements of soul-like gameplay with an expansive open world. Inspired by iconic games like Dark Souls and Elden Ring, Uldor’s initial release features a PvP arena with competitive matches. The game’s rich lore, challenging gameplay, and immersive world aim to redefine the web3 gaming landscape. With Uldor, players experience a deep, skill-based game where strategy enhances their chances of success and rewards.

$RUNI Token

  • Ticker: $RUNI
  • Maximium supply: 100m
  • List price: $0.45
  • FDV: $45m

$RUNI Token Utility

$RUNI fuels all aspects of the Uldor ecosystem, integrating into the game and its community-driven features. The token’s utility can be understood in several key categories:


Forging allows players to craft or upgrade game items using multiple components, creating special rare NFTs which can be traded or used in game.

High Stakes and Special Events

Use $RUNI tokens to enter paid PvP tournaments and other special events with exclusive prizes offered to the winners.

Exclusive Content

$RUNI can be used to purchase certain premium and exclusive content, such as special emotes and companion pets.


Token holders can influence game development decisions through governance votes, affecting everything from feature updates, rewards, and more.


Staking $RUNI tokens can offer players special benefits, including:

  • Unique cosmetic NFTs
  • Increased in-game rewards
  • Premium Battlepass rewards
  • Special governance voting rights


$RUNI can be burned for future unannounced benefits.

$RUNI Token Distribution

Category Amount Details
Player Incentives 40% Phased over 5 years
Treasury 10% 0% TGE, 6 month cliff, 36 month vesting
Community / Marketing 10% 5% TGE, 0 month cliff, 60 month vesting, distributed with timed events
Team & Advisors 15% 0% TGE, 12 month cliff, 36 month vesting
Seed Round 12% 6% TGE, 6 month cliff, 18 month vesting
Private Round 5% 15% TGE, 3 month cliff, 8 month vesting
Public Sale 3% 20% TGE, 1 month cliff, 6 month vesting
Liquidity 5% 40.00% TGE, 0 month cliff, released as needed over 24 months

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